Fire Wizard

  • The Fire Wizard can be found just across the bridge directly in front of the stairs of the Fairy Tail Guild hall. (Across the bridge and to the left.)

Water Wizard

  • The Water Wizard can be found near the outskirts of the buildings surrounding the Kardia Cathedral. (The surrounding houses. Behind the Wind Wizard)

Earth Wizard

  • The Earth Wizard can be found just down the hill from the Fairy Tail Guild hall. (Down the stairs and to the right.)

Lightning Wizard

  • The Lightning Wizard can be found on the beach behind the Fairy Tail Guild hall.

Wind Wizard

  • The Wind Wizard can be found right by the Kardia Cathedral. (The large green structure near the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.)

Fairy Pirate

  • The Fairy Pirate can be found in the Port City of Hargeon. They have slightly higher level than the wizards.


Natsu Dragneel

  • The first mini-boss introduced into the game. The minimum level requirement to challenge him is [Lvl.75] He uses Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. He spawns in front of the Fairy Tail Guild hall and the player is taken to another server for the challenge.
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