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Magic Revelations:
Magic Revelations:
== <nowiki>[ Index For New Players!]</nowiki> ==
== [ Index For New Players! ] ==
When you press a new game, you will have an option to spin for [ Magics.]
When you press a new game, you will have an option to spin for [ Magics.]

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Welcome to Magic Revelations Wiki!


Welcome to the (Unofficial) Magic Revelations Wiki! Here, you will get most of your basic information about the game. Such as Magics and their moves, Quest, NPCs, mini bosses, ect. The game is inspired by the anime 'Fairy Tail' and a lot, if not all, of it's content is sourced from the anime. I will be working very hard on updating this as soon as I can, and getting the latest and most up to date info I can. Enjoy the game!

Magic Revelations:

[ Index For New Players! ]

When you press a new game, you will have an option to spin for Magics.

If you look to the left of your screen when you are in-game, you will see a little panel that contains a couple of options.


Equip moves from your first, second, or third magic. When you have reached level 65, you will be able to spin for you second magic, you simply click on the second magic tab on your magics. Same goes for your third magic when you reach level 125.


Open the settings tab and choose from all of the options. You have the option of choosing how you would like to use your moves, whether it be with tools, or keydowns. Your damage output is the percentage of what you would like to inflict of damage. For example, if you set you damage output to 10% and you deal 35 damage at 100%, then your damage output would be 3.5 damage. (OverallDmg x DmgOutput% = TotalDmg)


You can also distribute stat points that you earn by leveling into various categories that will boost your abilities. These are Attack, which raise your damage, Defense, which raises your total health, and Endurance which raises your stamina and mana storage. (Type in the number of skill points that you wish to distribute and press the + sign next to the value).


In the shop you are able to buy a variety of things with Jewels and Robux. You may buy spins with in-game currency, and weapons from the shop.

Twitter Codes

Here is where you will enter Twitter codes from @TaleOfScripting. Don't forget to follow @TaleOfScripting for twitter codes.


Here shows your current quest and your progress towards completing them.


Here is your inventory which holds your weapons and cosmetics.

Guild Info

Your guild info is where you can see your current rank in your guild, number of members, and also the discord server code.

Latest Activity/Updates To The Wiki

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