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== Locations ==
== Locations ==
Here are some major locations and landmarks to know.
Here are some major locations and landmarks to know. Click Here.
==Latest Activity/Updates To The Wiki==
==Latest Activity/Updates To The Wiki==

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Welcome to Magic Revelations Wiki!Edit


Welcome to the (Unofficial) Magic Revelations Wiki! Here, you will get most of your basic information about the game. Such as Magics and their moves, Quest, NPCs, mini bosses, ect. The game is inspired by the anime 'Fairy Tail' and a lot, if not all, of it's content is sourced from the anime. I will be working very hard on updating this as soon as I can, and getting the latest and most up to date info I can. Enjoy the game!

Magic Revelations:

Guide For New Players! Edit

Here you can learn the basics for getting started, like magics and their moves, stats, spins, and the shop. This Guide will explain the beginning of every player's game experience. Click Here To Get Started!

Magic List Edit

Here is the most updated version of magics that are currently in-game! There are currently thirteen magics; Seven common, two uncommon, two rare, and two epics. Click Here To Learn More About The Magics!

FAQ Edit

These are the most recent frequently asked questions. These were taken from the discord server of Revelation Games. (To join the Discord Server. Click Here.)

Guild Info Edit

Information and a bit of background on the current guilds in the game. Click Here to learn about them.

NPCs and Mini-Bosses Edit

NPCs and Mini-Bosses are a good way of earning exp. Here's some information about them.

Quests Edit

Quests are a great way of keeping yourself busy if there are no other players in the game. At the moment, there are only three available quest.

Locations Edit

Here are some major locations and landmarks to know. Click Here.

Latest Activity/Updates To The WikiEdit

Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki. Add one below!

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