Frequently Asked Questions

(Note: These were all answered by 'Shurin,' the Community and Discord Manager.)

Q: How do I become a Staff Member?

  • The Staff Team consists of a small group of hand-picked members. To be appointed, you must make significant contributions to the Revelation Games community and your achievements should be recognized by various members of the team. Final appointments are made by TaleOfScripting.

Q: I just spotted an exploiter in-game, what should I do?

  • In the event that you see an exploiter in-game, your first course of action should be to take a screenshot. You can do so by using a screenshotting tool such as Gyazo or Lightshot, or pressing the esc key on your keyboard and clicking “Take a Screenshot.” Once you have your screenshot, report it in the appropriate report channel (In Discord.)

Q: What should I do if I lose my stats?

  • If you lose your stats in any of the games, post a request in the appropriate restore channel. You must have full-screen visual evidence of your stats in order for them to get restored. Check #restores-guide for all the information (In Discord.)

Q: Where can I go to report game-related issues?

  • There are designated channels to report both rule-offenders and bugs/glitches (check #read-me). To report issues concerning the Staff Team, please address Shurin (In Discord.)

Q: Will stats be kept after Paid Access?

  • Yes.

Q: How do I reset my first magic?

  • You can't. You have to either start a new game or purchase a random first magic from the Shop.

Q: When will the game be free?

  • The game won’t be free for a while. We want to get all the necessary features out during Beta before we have free release, so a rough estimate would be several months. (3/15/19)
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